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SDM - installation/update with limited 'sysadmin' for MS SQL

Question asked by J_W on Nov 13, 2015
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Customer will have SDM installed on a shared MS SQL server.  During installation and certain patches/uprgades, the SQL 'sa' account is needed.  They need to have separation of duties between application and database roles and also need to audit access and usage of privileged accounts.  While having the DBA present to enter the credentials during the installer/patch would solve the first requirement; it is cumbersome and means scheduling their time. It is preferred that specific service accounts are used that are restricted to their respective applications' databases.  These are maintained in AD.



What is the best practice for setting up a new 'sysadmin' account that will have permission to both create the mdb and users initially and also be able to modify it later - without having access outside those functions?  Should the DBA setup a placeholder 'mdb' database in order to then grant the necessary permissions to the new 'sysadmin' account?  Will the installer recognize this or will it error because the database already exists?


I did a search for 'sysadmin' online and found this TEC617177.

How to use SetupMDB to upgrade the backend MDB database for SQL Server

Which sets out the permissions for the DBUSER:


DBUSER/ DBPASSWORD: This is the SQL user that will be used to run the install and its password. Generally speaking, the user should be sa, but in lieu of being given the sa credentials, one can run using any user, so long as it is a user defined in SQL Server, and:


  •   The user's default schema is set to "dbo" on the mdb (user mapping)
  •   Default database is set to "master" (General setting on the user properties)
  •   Server Roles for sysadmin and public are turned on.
  •   User Mapping for master, model, msdb, tempdb are all set to dbo schema
  •   For the MDB database, the user should have db_owner and public privileges.



Which is why I asked about setting up a placeholder 'mdb'.


How are other users doing this?