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CA Plex's use of .ini files

Question asked by ChrisHall on Nov 13, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2015 by George Jeffcock

I have recently had to return to a legacy application generated in Cool:Plex 4.5 and migrate it to CA Plex 7.2. The application has a number of different environments which were organised by a folder for each identical executable and the accompanying .ini file. The .ini file for each environment had a different ODBC DSN specified. However, the executable, and therefore, the .ini file has the same name.


This arrangement has worked fine installed in the Program Files folder and even supported multiple versions running in parallel. The UAC folder virtualisation of the Program Files folder meant that the .ini files were correctly differentiated between the environments and different versions. However, from initial testing I can see that the .ini file is now copied into the Documents folder but is only differentiated by the executable's name. Is this correct?


This is only my first couple of days working with 7.2 so I am sure I must be missing something. How can I deploy multiple environments and/or versions of a Plex generated application on the same pc/server if the .ini files are not organised to uniquely identify the executable's location? As I mentioned before, Windows folder virtualisation of Program Files does this very well by replicating the folder structure within the ApplicationData folder so I initially do not see the logic behind Plex's new behaviour.


Can someone help me out?