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Customize Notification Message - "Like" "Unlike" Facebook (Close and Reopen ticket)!!! =O

Question asked by diegolimabsb on Nov 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2015 by diegolimabsb

I need to customize the resolution notification message with the “like” and “unlike” buttons of Facebook.


The case is:


  • When the client, on the body of the e-mail message clicks on the “like” button, his ticket automatic (and magically) change the status to “Closed” without having to access the application.


  • When clicks on the “Unlike” button, a page on SDM wiil be open (request_status_change.htmpl) and he write what's wrong with the ticket and will reopen it.


Ok, the last case i did with some html changes and is working perfectly, the users clicks on the “Unlike” button and are redirected to the page to reopen the ticket.


I am having great difficulty thinking in a way to make even in the html message, the user clicks on the image "Like" and (magically) the status of the ticket in question is changed to "closed" .


The major problem is to find some way to change the ticket status without the user having to access the application.


Could anyone help?


Here are some information regarding the changes!!


The message:



The code:


<!-- START LIKE -->

<p><a href="@{call_req_id.web_url}+HTMPL=request_status_change_MJ.htmpl+INSTANCE=@{id}"><img align="left" width="90" length="90" src="image_url"></a>

<!-- END LIKE -->


<a href="SOME CODE OR SCRIPT TO CLOSE TICKET" onclick="if (! confirm('Messa to...?')) { return false; }"><img align="right" width="90" length="90" src="image_url"


<!-- END UNLIKE -->