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CI Creation Problem through web services

Question asked by arimu02 Employee on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by EricoDellaVallePrezzi76043714


client try to create the CI through webservices but getting the below error

AHD03300:This operation requires Function Access for ci equal to View or Modify


below is the script which they are using through VB


USD_WebService caWS = new USD_WebService();

string newexten = "", extenName = "", car = "";

string assethndle, persistent_id = "";

int sid = caWS.login("servicedesk", "P@ssw0rd");

string[] attrVal = new string[] {

"Name", "hello2", "Class", "grc:10000002"};

string[] attr = new string[] { "persistent_id" };

string[] prop = new string[] { "" };

assethndle = "";


caWS.createAsset(sid, attrVal, attr, ref car, ref assethndle, ref extenName, ref newexten);




they are using user" Servicedesk"

with full rights and they access the web services remotely


please advise