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Integer output from Plex RPG program

Question asked by Dean_Eshleman on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by Dean_Eshleman

Does anyone know if it is possible to output an integer from a Plex generated RPG program?  I don't see "integer" as an available AS400 format.  We are using Plex 6.1.


Let me explain why I need an integer data type.  Currently we use the Web Service wizard in RDi to create web services from our Plex RPG programs.  This wizard uses something called a PCML file to define the parameters for the RPG program.  It then generates a Java wrapper to implement the web service.  When my RPG program outputs a multiple occurrence data structure of say 100 records, the XML that is returned to the caller contains 100 instances regardless of whether they contain any data.  Apparently, if you have an output parameter of type integer that contains the record count, the generated Java will only generate XML for the number of records being returned.


Dean Eshleman,

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