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Stateful virtualization of MQ services

Question asked by Tausif_W on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2015 by bispr03

Need some ideas on how to proceed with stateful virtualization when message is in copybook over MQ. There is no session id which can be used to manage session.


Flow is like


UI ->tibco webservice over http -> copybook over MQ to mainframe.


My UserInterface maintain session but tibco webservice is stateless which in turn calls mainframe over MQ in stateless fashion.


Now i want to virtualize a call to mainframe i.e Copybook over mainframe.


My scenario is like first user logins from UI, select credit card number , then checks account holders details which returns 1 person details. He adds one more account holder name, and then again checks account holder details which returns 2 person details.


Operation flow is like that for below copybook operstions.






I tried first in stateless manner in VSI and selected allow duplicate transactions for operation getaccountholdersdetails to give 2 person details second time when this operation get calls but problem is what if user session ends after 1st request to getaccountholdersdetails call and again if he logins and first time checks getaccountholder operation he will get two holders details.


How to handle user session here in backend.


Please feel free if you need more information from my side.