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Incident Area vanishing with Dangling Reference Error in stdlog

Question asked by ArunavaS on Nov 23, 2015
Latest reply on May 10, 2016 by andholmes

We are facing a wierd issue of Incident Area vanishing (just after selection) while creating incident or Problem ticket.  The issue is appearing with a specific combination. Here are the steps to reproduce :

1. Login in ServiceDesk from any role having Incident Creation permission.




2. Navigate to ServiceDesk Tab--> File --> New Incident.




3. New Incident creation page will appear.




4. Parameter combination to reproduce the Incident Area vanishing issue ::




I. Provide value for Impacted Location or Configuration Item (ONLY/ No other value). Try to select an incident area(click on look up and select), it will always disappear after selection with dangling reference in stdlog. Consistent behavior.


Associated Error Logs :


09/22 09:25:48.48 <Server Name>    sqlagt:select5    8589214 MILESTONE    prov_base.c            597 Destructed base_agentDLNX 30286100 id = (1036, 180848)

09/22 09:25:48.48 <Server Name>    domsrvr:web:01    6241576 ERROR        factory.c             7262 Dangling reference to persid 7BA7F1DF732711DD891972B23C4BD802


09/22 09:25:48.71 <Server Name>    web:primary:2     9441254 ERROR        freeaccess.spl       19560 Failed to set category value: NOT FOUND.


II. If either of Impacted Location or Configuration Item and any other field (affected end user/Business Unit/Requester) OR both of Impacted Location and Configuration Item are filled up together the Incident vanishing issue will not appear.




III. If Incident Area is selected as first item, incident area vanishing issue will not appear.




IV. Regardless of any combination if we use type ahed on Incident Area instead of opening a area selection form, the issue will never appears.


We have a customized environment and intention is to get some clue where we actually need to look back for dangling reference issue. (r12.9)


Thanks & Regards

Arunava Saha