TDM/TCO: Licensing for 3.1.2 and above has shifted from an old model of licensing to a new model.

Discussion created by dovle01 Employee on Nov 23, 2015

With the advent of TDM/TCO version 3.1.2 (and newly released GA 3.1.3), the licensing has changed from a Component Activation to a Compound License.  But there is a twist.  TCO (Agile Designer) is still on the old licensing.  So lets break this down.


  • These products are now under the new licensing schema: All FDM/TCO components except TCO (Agile Designer). (128 Character license key in a text file on one line.  Copy the contents of that license into the Activation Box when requested to enter the license.  There may be the option to directly read it from the file.)
  • The only product that should get a different license key is TCO (Agile Designer). (25 character key  - 5 fields, 5 characters in length, separated by Hyphens. This is using the Wibu (Code Meter) licensing method.  There are two methods of licensing: Online if you have complete access to the internet, Offline to use a file based license activation.).


With the new licensing schema, you will find that you may need to enter the license key into a couple of different modules when they start up for the first time.  For instance, even though you have started Data Maker, when you start FDM (Fast data Maker), you will have to enter in the 128 character license key.  But if you start FDM and then Javelin, you will not.  This is due to the licensing mechanism itself.  Development is aware of these discrepancies and is looking into them to make them behave more cohesively.


If you have TDM 3.1.1 and below, the licensing schema has not changed.  It is component based licenses.  As a result, for every licensed component, you may end up with a separate license.