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Can team members manage their availability through calendar ?

Question asked by Stephane_FR on Nov 24, 2015
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We want to give each project team member the possibility to manage their holidays in Clarity (v13.3), through the resource calendar which seems to us the best way to do it. They would access their own calendar in a Clarity menu, and enter the holidays to come, day by day, so that these days would be taken in account in automatic scheduling as unavailable. Best solution would be to show the resource calendar directly on the home page.

It seems to me this was possible through the organizer in Clarity v12, but I can't see it in the v13 Organizer.

We could do it by giving each resource  the "Resource management" right for their own resource, but we don't want the people the access their administration data. CA Support answered that we have to build up some customizations, but we don't see which ones are to develop.

What solutions do we have to do this ? Do we need to write some kind of portlet for that ? XOG may be a solution to enter external data, but we would prefer not to use it as we don't have sufficient knowledge.

Any advice is welcomed !