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Queuing service.

Question asked by sdetweil2 on Nov 24, 2015
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we have started on our first JMS based simulation.  but are completely lost.


we are using Apache ActiveMQ, but none of the doc does any description about setup.


our service is one way. we inject messages to the queue.. there are no responses. the low level JMS protocol ack confirms the message was received.


but neither of the developers of the service (me and my QA specialist) have any skill in the queue implementation details (class names, providers, Classfactorys, ...)

so all the panels presented for config details might as well be symbol font.


we can inject a message with the ActiveMQ admin panel (so we know where the real destination queue is),

and we can wireshark  the conversation between the client and the real server queue, so we can watch it 'work' at the lowest levels.


but the online doc and the panels don't provide ANY info on using ActiveMQ, and all the ACTUAL doc references JMS (deprecated)

but there is another 'JMS' entry.. with no supporting doc.


we both understand the fundamentals..  we want DT to inject messages for us into the queue our product is using.

and we want to 'record' those messages to use for the playback part..  

so we need a queue for record, that the current sender will be configured to send to (and we could use the activemq and qireshark solutions above to verify messages are posted)

and then we need the service to move/copy/proxy those messages to the real destination queue that the product reads.


again, there are no response messages at the queue level.


I searched here and didn't find any conversation on apache activeMQ, so, I'm not sure we are even in supported land..


can anyone help us (today, tuesday)



we are using 8.5 (have 9.0 available)