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Navigation issues in IE11 while using SSO

Question asked by info_tel on Nov 26, 2015
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Our organisation recently upgraded the browsers to IE11 and we are facing few issues during navigation in the Clarity screens.

We are currently in V12.1.2 .


We are facing issues when using the scroll option in the TSV's, the first click takes me to the next set of months, but subsequent clicks just gives a screen flicker and shows the period where I initially started.

Another issue I'm facing is when I have multiple portlets on a page and one of the portlet is maximised and I select a different portlet from the dropdown list on the top right corner, nothing happens. I have to hit F5 or refresh button for the new portlet to load up.


And here is the strange thing, I face the issue only when im using the SSO authentication. While using the Non-SSO URL with the physical server and port address, everything is working fine .

My browser has been setup in the 'Enterprise mode' for Clarity screens but that helps only with the non-sso login.


Has anyone faced similar issue? Any pointers on what I can/need to do next to resolve this issue.