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Documentation on system config import/export

Question asked by MichielHelder Champion on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2016 by Stephen_Hughes

I was wondering if there is any documentation available on the import/export option for the system config (ssgconfig menu option 1 -> 6/7). I wanted to see if I can use this to easily configure a new gateway image, which I am doing on a regular basis for different customers. It would make it very easy if I could use the values from our configuration document to build the import file and then simply take a clean image, import the file and reboot to have all the basics configured. I noticed there were several section (for example static routes) which would be very useful in some cases but are currently not populated by the export feature, probably because they can not (yet) be managed through the gateway configuration menu. Is there any documentation which describes all the sections and what the format of the content should be? I have not been able to find it on the wiki for any version so far.