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GEL - read files from external host

Question asked by dbernardos on Nov 26, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2015 by dbernardos

Hi all,


I would like to be able to read files from different hosts of the same environment. This is the case:

Production environment is composed of 4 hosts. 2 of them run app and bg service, the other 2 just app service.


As far as I know, the processes are executed in the bg service, therefore, the gel scripts inside processes are too. Therefore, I would only be able to read files from those hosts that run bg services.


How could I read files from hosts that are not running the bg service via GEL inside processes?

In particular, I would like to read the app-access log file of certain day from all the hosts of the environment.


Has anyone come up with a solution inside Clarity? (I'm aware it could be done directly via scripting in Linux, for instance, but that would require external maintenance)