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Upgrading mdb

Question asked by JasonLLM on Nov 27, 2015



My scenario is the following:



-I made a new installation of CA SD 14.1.



-Take a mdb from a CA SD 12.7 and updated.

    -Run the mdb uprade from the installdisc/products/SDM/setup



-The upgrade was successful.



-I restored the mdb to the one we've in the new install of the SD 14.1. Then fixed the orphaned users.



-When I go to the CA SD 14.1 server and run the pdm_configure the last task of starting CA SD failed.



When I went to he logs I see this:




-AHD50050:Error en la confirmación de la base de datos. Motivo: AHD50060:ERROR en la comprobación de la base de datos.


-AHD50051:Se ha solicitado que se apague el servidor.


-Requesting shutdown of system. Reason (AHD50060:ERROR en la comprobación de la base de datos )



What you'll recommend me to  do??