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PDM_LIST comparing current date server

Question asked by Daniel Becker Bighelini Champion on Nov 27, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by Daniel Becker Bighelini

Hello guys,

I'm doing an HTMPL form and need to make a PDM_LIST comparing the value of a date attribute of an object with the time of SDM server. Example below:


<PDM_LIST prefix=list factory=cnote where="close_date \>= [server_time]" >


I've tried to use the functionality of "timespan" tool but it does not meet this need because I have to compare this attribute with the exact time server. And it is unfortunately not possible to create a timespan which is updated every minute. The minimum is 10 minutes.

Also did not find variables the API to return the server time.
If anyone can help me in this difficulty, I would be grateful. In particular expert users cdtj (Timur) and @Gutis (Giedrius) who know enough about it.


Thanks TMACUL by help.