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Action within a link in a Query is not visible

Question asked by Sybren_Steen on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by Sybren_Steen

Hi all,


I have a question about a system query which is a part of the portlet cop.prjTimesheetReview (PMO accelerator).

The name of the system query is: Investment Timesheet Review

Within the query 'Investment Timesheet Review' there is a link defined on the tab 'Linking', screenshot:



The link 'Timesheet Details' contains the action 'content.copTimesheetRedirect'. (a redirect)


When I open the link 'Timesheet Details' then I don't see which Action is used in the dropdown, screenshot:



Now, I want to make a copy of the query since this is a system query and I don't want to make changes to system query's.

However, it's impossible for me to make a copy of the query because I don't know which action is used.


I have tried different actions in the dropdown list such as Timesheet Details, but they all give me different outputs and is not the same as the original action link.


Does anyone know which action is used within the link 'Timesheet details'? Or know a way to find out?

The action is a redirect and makes it possible to link to a timesheet.


Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!