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Is DevTest 9.0 compatible with SHA256 type SSL certificates?

Question asked by GillFryetheITGUY on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by GillFryetheITGUY

I have a lot of questions about SSL



  1. Is DevTest compatible with SHA256 type SSL certificates?
    1. Is the only option for securing SSL still requiring the use of keystores?
  2. If I distribute my environment so that the Portal + VSE are in one location, the Registry in another, Dashboard elsewhere, etc. Do I need to have the same certificate on each server or can I use different certificate per each server?
  3. What documentation do we have about HTTPS proxy servers in conjunction with their use with this application?I noticed that one of the properties files has room for configuration for this kind of set up. I would like to learn more if possible.