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Handle exporting data.

Question asked by MMJUNIOR on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by MMJUNIOR

Hi everyone.

I'm using SDM 14.1

I need to manipulate some columns and data, which are exported in Excel format when the user clicks the "Export" button in the results list (list_cr.htmpl).

The reason for that is, after inserting a new column, the screen display is normal, but when trying to export its not.

When exporting, quickly opens a popup window (http://myhost:8080/CAisd/html/export_file.html url=http://myhost:8080/CAisd/PDMExport&status) then it closes and opens another popup window (http://myhost:8080/CAisd/html/export_error.html) displaying the following error message: "Fatal error has occurred in servlet please see jsrvr.log for details."


The log says:

domsrvr 1984 SIGNIFICANT connmgr.c 2394 Connecting client pdm_exporter-MYHOST-#8160
pdm_exporter 8160 SIGNIFICANT pdm_exporter.c 109 Connected to server MYHOST (domsrvr)
pdm_exporter 8160 SIGNIFICANT nx_exporter.c 1230 Export (pdmweb:MYHOST#42e0b9e8:1513fc573a6:-7fff-5636-1) started for Userid(myusername) Factory(cr) Where(active = 1 AND ( type = 'R' OR type = '' OR type IS NULL ))
domsrvr 1984 ERROR domset.c 12402 Unable to forward the message to attribute network_name
pdm_exporter 8160 SEVERE_ERROR helpers.c 722 ResolveAttr: Failed in receive message (method:got_dob_attr_type_info) - (string)Unknown name.
pdm_exporter 8160 ERROR nx_exporter.c 1168 Invalid Factory (cr) specified. Unable to continue.
pdm_exporter 8160 SIGNIFICANT nx_exporter.c 1267 Export (pdmweb:MYHOST#42e0b9e8:1513fc573a6:-7fff-5636-1) completed after (0.562) seconds.
domsrvr 1984 SIGNIFICANT connmgr.c 2394 Disconnecting client pdm_exporter-MYHOST-#8160


Which column I inserted?

<PDM_MACRO name=lsCol hdr="Header Name" attr=affected_resource.assoc_net_roux.network_name nowrap="yes" startrow="no">


NOTE: Because this new column access an attribute of a class of a configuration item, I had to insert the attribute "search_type=GET_DOB" in the tag <PDM_MACRO name=lsStart>, resulting in

<PDM_MACRO name=lsStart search_type=GET_DOB>, because without this attribute, an error occurred and the list was not displayed on the screen, as not all tickets have such information.


Why the application of this attribute is not maintained in the export? How can I handle that?

Any help is very welcome!


Thank you all.