CA PPM Tech Tip: Deactivated tabs in projects and NPIOs still show up

Discussion created by Jerin_Sebastian Employee on Dec 1, 2015
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Have you ever come across a scenario where tabs in portlet page layout is deactivated but they still show up for few projects/NPIOs even though the user does not have any custom view set up? If so, here is why it's happening and how to correct it.

When a user customize his view in one particular project using the MANAGE MY TABS option, the changes done from the admin - portlet page layout(deactivate the tab) does not come into effect for this project not just for this user who customized his view but for all users accessing this project.

Below is how we can replicate this scenario and how we can fix it.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Navigate to PMO-Project Status portlet page and make sure all the tabs are active.
  2. Create a Project A with page layout as PMO-Project Status.
  3. At this point, all the tabs will be showing up in the project.
  4. Login is as User ABC, click on project A, dashboard tab, click on 'Manage my Tabs' on the right corner and make properties tab as the default tab.
  5. Navigate back to PMO Project Status portlet page and deactivate 3 tabs - Financial Plans, Hierarchy and Chargebacks. Don't PUBLISH.
  6. Having logged in as User ABC, even if you navigate to Project A, the 3 deactivated tabs are still present. This is expected because the user has personalized the view and hence any changes to portlet page without publishing will not be updated.
  7. Login as User XYZ and navigate to Project A

Expected Result: User XYZ does not see the 3 deactivated tabs.

Actual Result:     The 3 deactivated tabs are still there even though user XYZ did not personalize the view.

All the other projects which are not personalized will not have the 3 deactivated tabs showing up.


This is working as designed. As with other Studio configuration changes such as on a List View, the Admin user who deactivates the tabs can notify end users of the change and give the end user options to perform a restore default or expect to lose other customization if the Admin decides to do a PUBLISH.

For more info,, you can check this KB article

Hope this helps and have a great day!