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Extract and or create Management Module(MM) jar details

Question asked by davevdm on Dec 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2016 by davevdm

Hi Team

Is there a script that can extract all settings out of a MMs jar file so into a file. This would be handy to extract years of work into a spread sheet.

Likewise if a script could create the jar file from a list of values it would be handy. I haven't quite formulated exactly what I want or need to a discussion of the subject would be greatly appreciated.


Also creating a console view by scripts. I have this console view of a whole bunch of robots for applications monitors in a certain area and now they want them in alphabetical order.


At the moment I have a basic way of creating MMs. We have this standard jar file and we run find and replace so we have standard views for all applications per area.








rm ./TEMPLATE/ManagementModule.xml

sed -e "s/5001/15001/g" ./ManagementModule.xml  > ./TEMPLATE/ManagementModule.xml

sed -i "s/XXXAPPXXX/$APP1/g" ./TEMPLATE/ManagementModule.xml



jar -cvf ../Area-$1.jar *

cd ..