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Knowledge Base export doesn't handle special characters (Portuguese language)

Question asked by Fabiano Lopes Domingues on Dec 2, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by Fabiano Lopes Domingues

Our Knowledge Base has lots of documents with files attached (images and docs). This file names has special characters from portuguese language.


The export of the KB by the "Export/Import Templates" works fine, but if we select the "Export Attachments" option, the export stops with the following message:


12/01 17:25:53.30 V120P040       keit_daemon         39884 SIGNIFICANT  FileMng.c             1059 AppendData() - Failed to open the file D:/CA/SERVIC~1/site/ke

it/export/package_V120P040_2015-12-01_05-25-33_400003/attachments/Conhecimento/388F0C98E5791E41A762A49A48D7A152_422622_Passo%20a%20passo%20para%20compactação%20dos%20arquivos%20datafiles%20do%20backup%20online%20do%20sistema%20CYPRESS.pdf.gz. (No such file or directory (2))


After some troubleshooting we discovered that the export function modifies the character "ç (ce-cedilha)" for "Ã (A com til), because this attached file has the original name (physical path): "388F0C98E5791E41A762A49A48D7A152_422622_Passo a passo para compactação dos arquivos datafiles do backup online do sistema CYPRESS.pdf.gz"


I concluded that after the change in the filename is done, the file is not found.


I opened a case at CA.

If someone can provide me a solution I will be thankfull.