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Login for Mobile App Giving Error for Access Type

Question asked by KennethHosey on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by KennethHosey

We are getting an error message that says "Login to(AnalystQueue) Please enter valid username or password" in the Mobile App.  In the REST logs for this we are getting the error message below.  The login is successful after that but there are no modules available.  It does work for the Administrator Access Type.  I'm thinking this is because we're using a customer Access Type we created.  What's the solution for this so that my custom role has access to the REST web services.


12/02 21:34:14.851 [http-bio-8050-exec-5] ERROR BasicAuthenticator 113 BPMessagingException error on authentication validation for userid(********). AHD04020:Login failed for userid (*******); no default role found for session type (10)


Thanks in advanced.


Kenny Hosey