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How to create a JMS consumer and throw which can continiously consume the data

Question asked by RA.A on Dec 2, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2015 by Kevin.Bowman



I would like to place a consumer for Oracle weblogicserver which will be keep on consuming if the data will come to it.


My requirement is I have to place couple of consumers to the same Topic and different topics at the same time and they should be keep listening to the Topic and once it consumes the data, store/display somewhere as I need
this data to be recorded and keep consuming.


I tried to achieve this by creating the test and run it but it stops in one instance and also I can’t keep running the test case. I also tried to stage it, but how could I see if it consumes the data.

I also check the sample given in Example project- “async-consumer-jms.tst” but not sure how the wrapper works and how I need to create it for Topic. Also example is for Queue but I need the solution for topic.


Please help.