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I am trying to load a table in a form

Question asked by pwalker.integral on Dec 3, 2015
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Because of the way that Value Maps are now displayed (not in table form), I would like to create a process that can be easily used to edit the value in a dataset value map.  I want to pull in the data that currently exists in the dataset and populate a table (number of rows would be dependent on the number of indexed values in the array (some of which may be NULL/blank).  Number of columns is constant as it is equal to the number of parameters in the value map.  After the values are populated in the table I would like to bring back the form values from the table and repopulate the value map values.  Once the value map is updated it will be moved back over to the dataset in one "move".


My thought was to use the Form Initialization code to build the data for the table.  I know I can set a single field with Form.Var_0 = Process.Var_0. I tried setting the values of a column similar to an array Form.Table_0[0].Var_0 = ... and Form.Table_0.Var_0[0] = ...


There is no information on how to use the ca_pam_setTableData or the ca_pam_setTableDataFromJSObject.  I haven't dealt a lot with the form functions so any help pointing me in the right direction would be helpful. 



Paul Walker