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Capture ResponseTime under policy server profile trace logs and WebAgent Trace logs

Question asked by Sanjay_Katkar on Dec 3, 2015

Policy Server Profiler Template:

components: Server/Connection_Management, Server/Policy_Server_General, Login_Logout/Function_Begin_End, Login_Logout/Authentication, IsAuthorized/Function_Begin_End, LDAP/Ldap_Call_Begin_End, LDAP/Performance_Measurement

data: Date, PreciseTime, Time, Pid, Tid, SrcFile, TransactionID, Message, Function, SessionID, AgentName, Resource, User, Group, Rule, Realm, Domain, Directory, ErrorValue, ResponseTime, Throughput, RequestIPAddr



[12/03/2015][15:08:10.853][15:08:10][10844][4066040688][Sm_Auth_Message.cpp:3730][s710790/r3942][** Status: Authenticated. ][CSm_Auth_Message::SendReply][][wma-wm-workflow-ws-r21xn2v][][AMS\XBBLK41][][][/][][FCC TEST LDAP][][][][]


I can see LDAP processing time which was anyway reported w/o ResponseTime in Data filed under profiler

[12/03/2015][15:16:25.075][15:16:25][10844][4066040688][SmDsLdapConnMgr.cpp:1181][][LDAP search of (uid=XBBLK41) took 0 seconds and 2589 microseconds][CSmDsLdapConn::SearchExts][][][][][][][][][][][][][]



For web agent Trace template:

components: WebAgent, AgentFramework, HTTPAgent, AgentFunc, AgentAPI, Agent_Con_Manager

data: Date, PreciseTime, Pid, Tid, SrcFile, Function, SessionID, TransactionID, User, Domain, Realm, AgentName, Resource, Action,  Message, RequestIPAddr, ResponseTime


I am also trying to capture sm_transactionid on apache web server access logs

LogFormat "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b \"%{SM_TRANSACTIONID}i\"" common


anybody has enabled these parameters to get some stats around that.


Any assistance offered will be great help


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