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CA Directory Session Store File Space Exhausted Errors

Question asked by germinoj on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by Hubert Dennis

CA SiteMinder R12.52SP1 is using DSA_I1220 DSA started: DXserver r12.0 SP14 (build 9119) Linux/DXgrid 64-Bit under a heavy production load the CA Directory Session Store completely ceased functioning with errors:

[8] 20151203.180559.400 File space exhausted

[5] 20151203.190646.862 ERROR : MW: target="SS-[SANITIZED]" MOD-ENTRY-REFUSE dn="smSessionId=[SANITIZED]=,ou=[SANITIZED],o=[SANITIZED]" Directory unwilling to perform


Re-initializing the Session Store does not resolve issue, memory/disk availability are all fine, this appears to be some limitation and configuration param issue somewhere in configuration.


Not sure if this CA Single Sign On parameter would help, or is related?


Configure the Session Store Timeout for Heavy Load Conditions  

Under heavy load conditions, long-running queries necessary for session store maintenance tasks, such as removing idled–out or expired sessions, can timeout. Adjust the timeout for session store maintenance tasks (60 seconds by default), by increasing the value of the MaintenanceQueryTimeout registry setting. Increase the value so that the maintenance thread can complete its tasks successfully.

The MaintenanceQueryTimeout registry setting can be found at the following registry location:


Does anyone else use CA Directory as a Session Store for inbound SAML and have a high volume/load running through that environment?