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Set widget value using Probe Datasource in Dashboard

Question asked by on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2015 by BryanKMorrow

I just create a remote probe with POBC using probe development SDK 2.2 following this tutorial Probe SDK Probe Development Demonstration 2.2 - YouTube

2015-12-04 15_20_39-Template Editor _ vm_simple v1.0.png

I set the value of CPU Usage to 34%. and now i want to show it in dashboard but i dont know what probe command i should use and the parameters.

There is no documentation, and the command are built-in by the Probe SDK. The probe development sdk 2.2 seems like not allowing me to define my own probe command.

I am very appreciate for any help to set the value.

2015-12-04 15_25_54-Dashboard Editor - UMP.png