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Please clarify about this 2 options

Question asked by rajasekhar33 on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by goeer03

Hello All,


      Can someone please clarify me about this 2 options and provide the solution.


I am doing IP validation to my REST APIs to restrict the access, for that when i add the IP i am using ${request.http.header.X-Forwarded-For} to in Context Variable and at the same time i am adding audit details to print the IP but IP is not printing in the audit events.


When i use ${request.tcp.remoteIP} this in audit events the IP is printing but i didnt changed my context variable from ${request.http.header.X-Forwarded-For}  to ${request.tcp.remoteIP}.


Now tell me whatever the IP i am getting that is client IP or not?


If Yes, why i am not getting the IP when i use this ${request.http.header.X-Forwarded-For} ?


Please find the configuration below.



Let me know if you need any other information required.