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How change verbose of the jsrvr.log

Question asked by MatheusSantana on Dec 4, 2015
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Hi all,


The function infoview is stopping works in my CA SDM and the erro showing in jsrvr.log is "ERROR BOServlet 595 AHD04802: User authentication error", the workaround is restart tomcat of both CA SDM and BOXI,  but I need more information about the process for do troubleshooting and find root cause of the problem, I want change verbose of the jsrvr.log, I have read the document,CA SDM PDM Database Commands - CA Service Management - 14.1 - CA Technologies Documentation  , where inform to me change the, but in my environment have 4 this file and I don't know which change it. I try change this file in NX_ROOT\bopcfg\www\CATALINA_BASE\webapp\CAisdWEB-INF\ and in NX_ROOT\site\cfg\, but nothing changed in log file, Anybody already did this change?



Thank you.



Matheus Santana