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Re: Errors deploying Management Module

Question asked by pvpalval on Dec 7, 2015
Branched from an earlier discussion


Thanks for the reply. But am facing the issue in updating the dashboards. When we promoted the changes to other environment some issues happened and some of the performance alerts and metrics point to preprod ones due to we face errors for example as below.

12/06/15 07:31:40.930 AM GMT [ERROR] [main]
[Manager.ManagementModule] Unable to load the Dashboard named "MCCS -
Pirean" in Management Module "MCCS Performance Module" - 'The
command could not be completed because
"SuperDomain/PruIT_PreProduction_Domain" does not exist.'.
12/06/15 07:31:40.976 AM GMT [ERROR] [main] [Manager.Bootstrap] Error reading
Modules directory.


And when we searched for the issue, we found that xml file in perf have some references to preprod. Can you please let me know how should I sort this out.