OBS used for access rights in v13.2 - CLRT-70669 illustrated

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I've previously posted about

No OBS rights in v13.3


Can the financial OBS's be used for security?

they throw some light, but there is more to that in v13.2 (only)


Say you have

Deps and Locs are the financial OBS's of the entity and a resource is financially enabled. and associated with a unit in the OBS

Not used for access rights associated with the project object

Organization associated with instances of the resource object.

Used for access rights has no units and not associated with any object.


When creating OBS rights for a group in

I do not expect to see this

The the resource properties of the user logged in is financially enabled and the resource is associated with an OBS unit (of an OBS not used for security)

That is a minor thing compared with what I get when I go further with creating OBS rights for group. I've selected first the project object and then Project - Edit all

and proceed to sect the OBS

I can see all the OBS's not used for access rights but not the only one used for access rights.

which is not how I expect the product to work. Not seeing the OBS which is used for security is OK, because that is not associated with the project Object.

However, the other OBS's displaying here is a problem as they allow OBS rights to be created for groups.


If I want to restructure one of those OBS's not defined to be used for access rights I can xog them out.

I see in the output is_security=false and think there is no need to locate where there might be OBS's righs.

Delete the units in the structure and create new units.

The structure looks fine, but the users cannot see any more the projects the projects they used to.

How can that be. the OBS was not used for security according to the GUI. But in the real life learned the hard way, I now know that there were OBS rights which were removed when the units in the were removed.



Apparently that was changed in v13.2 and later as there you can see only the OBS's used for access rights in the last screen.

This is CLRT-70669 (S3) - OBS Units are available for selection in ’Resource’ --> ’Resource Access Rights’ even though the OBS has not been marked as "Use For Access Rights"

fixed in v13.3?