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Issue with "length of attribute in portlet filter"

Question asked by PragyaSingh on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by Dave_3.0

Hello All,


We have a customized portlet in which project related information is displayed. When we are trying to configure one string field in the filter section of the portlet then it is displayed in expanded mode (going out of screen) . Its width is set  as 20 as compared to other fields like project name (30) but still its length is more than others. I have tried reducing the length from field properties of portlet in filter layout section but its now allowing and throwing error "contact system administrator".



Please, let me know some way to reduce the length of "RAE Status" field. This field is a task status decode in the query as below:



0, 'Not Started',

1, 'Started',

2, 'Completed')

FROM prtask tsk

WHERE tsk.prexternalid = 'PIC' AND tsk.prprojectid =

GROUP BY tsk.prstatus):pic_status@,



Pragya Singh