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Separate Data Content

Question asked by adriana.correa1.1 on Dec 10, 2015
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Hi All,


We already have installed and configured CA Clarity PPM r14.2 on a Windows Server environment with SQL Server Database, but during operation we need to separate data content between users/areas, I mean everybody has the same objects into their views but the content has to be restricted by area, this is like area1 can not see the projects or information from area2.  Can you tell me please wich structure/functionality from Clarity can be used to do that? This is very important to us because it ensures data separately with the exact operation that need to be functional and safe in our business.


I mean areas like independent tenants, as I know Clarity is not a multi-tenant tool, in spite of this we need to use the same instance of Clarity for 2 different tenants, this is the reason for separate data content. Is it possible to make it functionally works in this way with some configuration?  Thank you!


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Adriana Correa


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