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How to use output of Logmon Command-Based as QOS Data Source in Dashboard?

Question asked by on Dec 10, 2015
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I set a profile of logmon probes to run an VBScript and the vbscript give output "0.5".


Here the testing result:

2015-12-10 13_24_40-logmon _ Configuration [_ISGS_domain_ISGS_hub_ISGS_Robot_logmon] - Microsoft Ed.png

And I want to use this value as QoS data source in Dashboard. So I set the QOS Target to QOS_Abal2

2015-12-10 13_29_18-logmon _ Configuration [_ISGS_domain_ISGS_hub_ISGS_Robot_logmon] - Microsoft Ed.png

And then I go to dashboard editor and set the qos data source

2015-12-10 13_31_35-Dashboard Editor - UMP - Microsoft Edge.png

When I test QoS, I got the 1 value (Count) not 0.5 (Result)

2015-12-10 13_32_10-Dashboard Editor - UMP - Microsoft Edge.png

How to get the 0.5 value? Thanks !


Edit :

I use logmon 3.54 Build Number 49. When I double click logmon in Infrastructure Manager, the raw configure is shown not the logmon GUI.

So I think I can't setting the logmon using IM. Please help setting it via Admin Console.