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Programs, subprojects and actuals

Question asked by urmas on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2015 by Chris_Hackett

I get these unsolicited questions. Though I have advice to read the documentation and post the questions in the community or a LinkedIn group.

How do you fancy getting these?



    Need your advise Question 1: In Clarity it is possible to create projects and link the projects to a program. Is it also possible to create sub-project (child project) under each project? If so, will child projects created under the project actual hours roll up to the main project?



    Question 2: A program has sub projects. Do actual hours charged under each project roll up to the program actuals? My understanding is that we can view the combined actuals and effort for all the projects in a program. Please correct me if it is not correct



    For question 1 : My understanding is that yes we can create child projects and actual hours are rolled upto the main project level