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CA-SDM Integration - Webservice R11.2

Question asked by jpgonc on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by Gutis

Hello everybody. I build up a webservice using vbscript and C# to get information from a specific CHG or Incident. It all worked fine until a new policy came in to squash my work. I used the login constructor to authenticate (User and PW) but now I must use a PKI auth. I know I must use the loginservicemanaged constructor and I have the certificate (.p12) locally for testing. But I am unable to properly authenticate. It gives me the error "invalid login policy encryption".


Here it is the main code:


private string GetCertificado()


            // Certificados X509 Versão 3


            string strPKI = string.Empty;


            X509Certificate2 objCertificado = null;

            X509Store localiz_certif = new X509Store(StoreName.Root, StoreLocation.LocalMachine);



                    //-> strNomeCert="CN=ServiceDesk ZDACPolicy"

            X509Certificate2Collection Resultado =

                    localiz_certif.Certificates.Find(X509FindType.FindByIssuerDistinguishedName, _strNomeCertif, true);

            if (Resultado.Count != 0)


                objCertificado = Resultado[0];

                //strPKI = objCertificado.PrivateKey.ToXmlString(false);


                strPKI = Convert.ToBase64String(objCertificado.Export(X509ContentType.Cert), Base64FormattingOptions.None);



            return strPKI;





public int Ligar(string strCertifPKI)


            string strSID;




                strSID = objCAWebService.loginServiceManaged ("ZDACPolicy", strCertifPKI);


                int intSID = int.Parse(strSID);

                return intSID;


            catch (Exception erro)



                return 0;




Has anyone implemented code using a PKI with the loginservicemanaged?

Thanks in advance.