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How block users Save Search Filters

Discussion created by Fabiano Lopes Domingues on Dec 11, 2015
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The version 14.1.02 brings a new feature called "Save Search Filters" allowing to users create your own Stored Queries. This news is a good news for users but can be a problem for administrators.


For standard reasons, in my company the operational "Roles" must have the same "Scoreboard" and create new folder is not allowed but the Managers can customize filters.


We could disable this new feature as described at https://docops.ca.com/display/CASM1401/Save+Search+Filters#SaveSearchFilters-EnableorDisablePersonalizedSearchOptions but as I wrote, we want this in some Roles.


So, how can I control this? I believe there are many ways to do that but I found only one. My solution is based on Data Partition but the Table Cr_Stored_Queries is not a Controlled Table, then be warned: there is not sure that it is allowed by CA.


In this post https://communities.ca.com/thread/241700161 we can see it isn't a common sense. And this document on Knowledge Base is not clear about this: http://www.ca.com/us/support/ca-support-online/product-content/knowledgebase-articles/tec591368.aspx


So, run it on your own risk.


1 - Firstly insert the table "Cr_Stored_Query (crsq)" as a Controlled Table.


Creat a file with this content:

TABLE Controlled_Table
  del desc obj_name sym
  { "0" ,"Stored Queries Table" ,"crsq" ,"Cr_Stored_Queries" }


then run this command: 

"pdm_load -i -f File_Name"


2 - Recycle SDM (I restart all the enviroment, but maybe is more simple like kill a single daemon).


3 - Now you can block users in operational roles to create Saved Search Filters. Open the Roles Data Partition and insert it as following:


Type     -            Table               -    Restriction    -         Active

Create  -   Cr_Stored_Queries  -     id=1             -         Active


3 - For Management Roles, we had a requirement. We have Managers distributed in many Processes and we need some way to organize and manage the Stored Queries, avoiding the SDM Administrators to modify personal searches instead queries from standarlized Scoreboard of the operational Roles.


The solution was a restriction to make standards based on the labels. Here is what we use:



I hope this post to be useful. Of course, as I said, there are other ways, like modifying forms (removing the buttons Save Search Filter) but I did not find the exact form to edit. The list_forms don't have this code. I believe it is on js forms.


Thanks EricoDellaVallePrezzi76043714 for the help.