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APM 10.1 Backend Webservice URN not URL

Question asked by JKW on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by JKW

Currently using version 10.1 APM.  We have an application that utilizes webservices to connect with about 80 backend customers. (These are client webservices calls from our application).  These show up as a single URN under the backends. We would like to see the actual customer URL webservices call listed in the backend, along with the new "path" functionality so that we can determine the appropriate webservices call being sent to the customer and understand what the average response time, or if any errors or stalls occur.


Why do some webservices client calls show up under the backends with the associate URL and other webservice client calls just show up as a single URN, giving no indication as to what it's calling ( IP address or FQDN).  Is there something in the configs that can be set or a custom pbd created to insure that the backends webservice call(s) show up as a URL, and not just a single URL, but all the associated URL's that the webservices calls;  instead of a URN.


Thanks, JKW