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Additional_Where for Group and Assignee Fields doesn't work with new feature "User and Group Assignment"

Question asked by Fabiano Lopes Domingues on Dec 11, 2015
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One more problem with the new version 14.1.02. We use in form xfer_esc_cr Additional_Where parameters on Group and Assignee fields, like the following example.


<PDM_MACRO name=dtlLookup hdr="Novo grupo (transferência)" attr=group extraURL="KEEP.zProcesso.code=$args.category.zProcesso.code+KEEP.zProcesso.sym=$args.category.zProcesso.sym+ADDITIONAL_WHERE= zProcesso.code='$args.category.zProcesso.code' " make_required=yes>


This worked fine until we upgraded the version to 14.1.02 (I am starting to regret).


The new feature named "User and Group Assignment" is excelent, but the solution developmented by CA don't work with Additional_where.




This is the xfer_esc_cr form:



This indicated field is a link to list_cnt form.

If I click, the form don't list the record because the system don't merge the additional clause and the group/assignee new feature.



Pay attention on two characters @. I don't know why are these characters showing, but I know this is the problem. I believe CA didn't think about a way to join our clause (additional_where) with the clause of new feature.


We consider it a bug but we cannot open a case for CA because it is a customization.


What we need is a way to disable this new feature or a solution.


Can somebody help us?