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Unable to record a SOAP Request using CA Devtest 8.0

Question asked by Umashankar_123 on Dec 12, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2015 by Umashankar_123

Hi Team,

Im currently trying to record a SOAP requests using CA Devtest 8.0,Here are the configuration and validation steps done so far.


1.Application was pointed to my Devtest Workstation by changing the reference url in Application DB

2.Set up the Devtest workstation and point it to the target application ( enabled SSL as request contains https)

3.Validated the set up by calling the workstation url from browser ( It was in-turn calling the wsdl that is deployed on the target server)

4.I was able to see the  POST /Get requests in Devtest VSE recorder  as I trigger the corresponding requests xmls from SOAP UI and can see the WS logs as well




VSE Recorder somehow doesn't record any requests as I trigger the functionality from Application UI,But I see the correct response from UI.

can some one pls help me understand what Im missing here