CA Tech Tip: CA IDMS - Do I need to link ADS User Written Built-In Functions (BIFs) with ADSBATCH?

Discussion created by Eddy_G Employee on Dec 15, 2015

CA IDMS Tech Tip by Edward Gorga, Senior Principal Support Engineer for December 15, 2015


In releases prior to 18.0, user written built-in functions had to be linked with ADSOMAIN for ADS/Online and ADSOBAT2 for ADS/Batch to improve performance.

Since IDMS 18.0 this is no longer necessary. The user built-in functions can be linked together into an ADSOVCON load module using #BIFVCON macros. This module is used by both ADS/Online and ADS/Batch. For more information see the ADS Reference Guide in section Linking Built-In Functions With The Runtime System.

Note that all CA-supplied BIFs are still linked together with ADSOMAIN/ADSOBAT2.