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TEC000003136-Performance Reports May Convert Incorrectly to PDF

Question asked by crami3783 on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2017 by Marco_Ippati

We are running e2e_appmon probe and collecting QoS metrics (more than 60). All these QoS are separated by transactions per web page. so nearly every webpage will have more than 6 QoS data to be displayed. PRD reports works absolutely fine in UMP, however when I try to export the report in pdf, the utility seems to be doing a screen capture. After opening up the support ticket response I got is "Its working as its suppose to be". Even Article tells you to include only 4-5 reports per page until you see correct output in pdf reports.


I am not sure if anyone ran into this issue before and simple just accepted the solution based on 3136 article. Only reason to put these reports in a page is to get a flexibility to select time for the entire page and it will report every prd reports during that time frame so it makes lot easier to see the performance.


Screen capture is for the entire page of a prd report - this translation includes 10 QoS data to be published in a single PRD report.



Screen shot is for PDF export

1st page - check the scroll bar on the pdf reports which is highlighted in yellow.


Second page in pdf report

Has anyone seen this before and know the solution other than TEC000003136.