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Auto Suggest makes a mess on List forms

Question asked by Fabiano Lopes Domingues on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by JussiValkonen



Does anyone know how can I disable the auto_suggest messages without disabling this feature on version 14.1?


I already opened a case but the CA Local Team (Brazil) gave me a negative response:

"The message that appears is part of writing the tool it was designed that way, what you can do is open a suggestion in the community suggesting a refinement of this alert"


We won't give up auto_suggest feature, then I opened on Comunnity an Idea, as recommended, but my users and I can't accept the mess. Look the following screen:


Mess list_form:



Normal list_form:



We don't have this problem on version 12.7 and I can't believe CA think this is a good idea for your customers.