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Timeseries chart in jasper report

Question asked by Suhas Kamble on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by Suhas Kamble

I wish to show Actual Finish date vs Baselined Finish date for milestones on a time series in a custom Project Status report.


When developed the report in Studio and previewed it did not show Labels which I configured as the $F{prtask.prname}, Jaspersoft community talks about adding custom property here>> How to display chart values in HTML5 charts | Jaspersoft Community

How to implement custom numeric formatting in HTML5(highcharts) bar chart | Jaspersoft Community

HTML5 Charts Bar Chart Label Display | Jaspersoft Community


All this does not make sense to me as such options do not exist in Studio.


No guide(detailed, class, properties level) found on developing custom reports. The Jasper community is not as active is Clarity Community. I wont be surprised if I find answers on reports in CA community than jasper.


Can someone help with this question?


I have other basic questions like linking sub dataset with main dataset , accessing server repository images into local studio report and so on.