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Filter Activity Logs by Created By Data Partition syntax

Question asked by JoeSchmo on Dec 16, 2015
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I'm about a month in to learning CA and about all I've done is taken the basic Administration class. I'm trying to fill a user request based on the information I received in the class but I'm having some difficulty.


I need to filter the Activity Log List which is in Requests / Incidents / Problems in the Logs tab in the Activities sub-tab, so that some messages based on Created By don't show up as there is some overcrowding and it makes these logs difficult to read at a glance. A few people will need access to these logs so I believe I need to setup a data partition. I might possibly have to do this for Change Orders as well but one thing at a time.


From the class I've gathered that I need to use bop_sinfo utility to drill through the values and create a View Data Partition and apply it to all the groups that don't want to see these messages. Using bop_sinfo I've gotten this far:

cr references alg

alg has analyst for the Created by SREL -> Tenancy_Unrestricted is a UUID which is attached to the name that shows up in Created By in the Actives sub-tab.


The Data Partition allows me to select Call_Req as the table. I've tried a few ways but I keep getting the Constraint syntax incorrect. I would have thought based on the class it would be: alg.last_name = 'Created By name' but I didn't really understand this part too well.


Any help appreciated in getting this correct.