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Need to be able to filter by project OBS linkage on sub object (status report)

Question asked by ClareLeonard76040337 on Dec 17, 2015
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On our project records, we have 2 OBS linkages that we call Benefiting Group and Executing Group.  The Benefiting Group the Department OBS and the Executing Group is the Operating OBS (renamed to make sense to our people).


I would like to be able to filter by Project Department OBS and/or Operating OBS on the Status Report Listing portlet, so that a manager can see "all status reports for projects in the X group" for example.  Out of the box, this doesn't seem to be possible.  I have a couple of ideas for how this might work conceptually, but I'm not sure what direction to go in:


1) Try to update the query (or more likely make a copy of the portlet and query and edit those so as not to mess up the out of the box stuff) to pull in the OBS information from the project record.  I took a quick look at this but it's a little difficult because the OBS fields aren't discreet database columns.


2) Create two hidden or read-only attributes on the status report for Benefiting and Executing.  Then create a process that copies the values from the Project to the Status Report on create.  This is kind of like manually creating virtual attributes I guess.  I tried to create them as actual virtual attributes from the master object but they weren't available to select.


Any thoughts on how to proceed with this?  The Core requirement is to be able to filter by project OBS on the status report level.