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Need Help to get last logged in date to use in portlet .

Question asked by uk3373 on Dec 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by mark_at

Hi All,


I need to create a portlet/page to show lastlogged in date to users in overview page .

So I have created below trigger to store the previous logged in date and current logged in date , trigger created successfully but z_cmn_sec_users is not getting the values .


Could you please advise to resolve my issue.


CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER z_cmn_sec_login_audit

before insert on cmn_sec_users for each row


if nvl(to_char(:new.last_logged_in_date),-1) != nvl(to_char(:old.last_logged_in_date),-1) then

insert into z_cmn_sec_users values(,sysdate,:old.last_logged_in_date);

end if;

end z_cmn_sec_login_audit;


Many thanks in advance.