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How does assigning a field value change when it is put into a Field List?

Question asked by GregBunce on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by milan.ziga

I have a form that that has some fields populated from the Properties of a submitted ticket before being sent on for additional review.

In order to make the form more readable, I put the fields on the form into Field Lists, but when I do that, I can no longer assign the value to the field in the workflow


1) I used a field reqType to capture the request type being entered in the ticket (i.e. New Badge) and assign that to the Form.reqType field in the form...value shows in form no problem

2) I moved that field into a field list called ticketInfo, the new field _id now shows as Form.ticketInfo.reqType

3) In the User Task process, when I try to assign the value to the field Form.ticketInfo.reqType I get the error 'Form.ticketInfo.reqType is undefined'

4) When I try to assign it to Form.reqType I get no error, but the data does not show on the form.


So my question is, what is the right name to use for the variable name when assigning the value to the field in the form from the User Task process?