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14.3 & New MSP-driver incompatible with non-English chars

Question asked by thomasv on Dec 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2016 by thomasv

We are testing 14.3 and recently found that the new MSP-driver is incompatible with most non-English uppercase characters, like ÅÄÖÈÜ etc.

The symptom is that the name for resources with non-supported characters is not visible in MSP and it's thus impossible to assign tasks to these resources.

A defect CLRT-79475 is raised for this and CA confirmed that the same issue is in upcoming version 'Armstrong' as well, where it presumably will be fixed.


For us this is a showstopper to upgrade to 14.3, out of 20000 resources approx. 10% have unsupported characters in their name. While converting names from uppercase to lowercase might sound like a workaround, we'd need to change our HR-integration and possible to other systems and of course secure that we don't get other issues. The legacy driver is working fine so we would never had thought this type of defect to be possible.


Has anyone encountered this issue with 14.2 and the new MSP-driver?


Has anyone encountered other Clarity or MSP-issues with non-English characters?

At least we found out 2 years ago when moving to SSO, that the ODUM-tool which can be used for populating users into the OnDemand portal is not supporting non-English characters. This lead us to painfully manually copying & pasting 2000 users...