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Getting the Application URL in a Jaspersoft Report

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Dec 21, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2015 by TEAConsulting

Hi all.

  I'm working on a report what we wish to provide hyperlinks back into the CA PPM App. I'd prefer to not hard code the URL. What is the best way to get the CA PPM Application URL in a Jaspersoft Report?


  I'm open to any and all ideas. Is the application URL easily accessible somewhere in the datamodel? The best idea I have at this time is the properties.xml stored in CMN_CONFIG. In Jasper, I could use the linked database syntax and pull the 'sslEntryUrl' value out of the properties file. I have no experience using xpath in SQL but I'm trying to work this out now. Below is a little 'hello world' that I'm working on now - any xpath in sql advice is appreciated, OR if there is an easier alternative approach to dynamically getting the application URL in a Jasper Report I'm open to all ideas.


,  CAST(P.VALUE AS XML).query('data(/properties/directories/@installDir)') as 'Install Dir'
WHERE P.NAME = 'properties.xml'